UCO Bank

UCO Bank has spread its wings in many international destinations like China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

There are a huge variety of international products which are offered by the bank and one can avail of the banks services through these products.

If you are a regular Indian customer or a NRI, these services will give you many benefits and help you do banking and financial transactions much better and smoother.

Products Available in International Banking

Loans in Foreign currencies:
UCO Bank India provides for loans in foreign currencies. The NRI customers can avail for these types of loans in the country they are located.

The bank has a history of having thousands of NRI customers and hence this facility has been provided by the bank.

Banking for NRI:

When a NRI wants to access his UCO Bank Account and through the internet, he can do so and he has been given special rights in making money transactions in his currency.

Forex for Indians and NRIs:

The bank has facilities of forex for its Indian as well as NRI customers. You need to get a forex account registered with the bank for availing these facilities.

The bank deals with many international currencies and hence making transactions through your forex account is very easy and convenient.

Finance can be given to Importers and Exporters:

People trading in the import and export business can get many advantages from UCO Bank India.

The bank provides special products which are designed for this class of traders and hence they can draw a maximum benefit from their trade. Finance is provided at a minimal rate and hence importers and exporters always prefer this bank to others.

Guarantees by the bank:

UCO Bank India provides a bank guarantee to its existing customers or importers for their beneficiaries who are in a foreign land. These facilities are required quite a lot.

Corporate Forex:

Corporate companies can get an account in this bank and avail for the Forex trade facility for the corporate. They can conduct forex through the bank and hence get benefitted quite a lot.

‘Forward booking’, ‘cross currency forward’ are some of the services which the bank provides for corporate.

When availing any of the international banking facilities with the bank you can be rest assured that all your personal and financial information is well protected.

The bank guarantees its customers about complete secrecy of information that the bank has about its customers. In any case the bank will never disclose any of the confidential information to any person whatsoever.