Private Banks in India

The Private Banks in India plays a pivotal role in expanding the business activities and in banking sector as well.

The private bank as we seen them today is the result of an evolutionary process that spreads over more than two centuries.

The present private’s bank is equipped with all sorts of monetary tools, tact’s, talents with modern innovation in the field of telecommunication and technological advancements.

The success of all this is only possible because of a well knitted sophisticated and advanced organizational structure of private banks in country.

Bank of Punjab Ltd:
Banks of Punjab ltd is the first private bank which introduced the fax banking, telebanking in country.

In 2005 the centurion bank has merged with bank of Punjab at the swap ratio of 4:5. The BOP ltd opened first branch in 1995 at Chandigarh. BOP ltd is offering a wide range of services and products to its customer. The number of the customer of BOP ltd in country is approximately 2.2 million.

Development Credit Bank Ltd:

DCB ltd divides their dimension in three sectors to covers the all types of the customer like personal banking, corporate banking and SME banking.

The bank personal banking offers the customer varaties of account, investment services, NRI services and loans. It facilitates the corporate and SME sector DOB offers different types of commercial loans to the customer. The unique types of the cards are also offering by DCB Ltd for customer like credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and travel cards

Yes Bank Ltd:

Where the Private Banks in India covers the needs and demands of customer, the Yes Bank also jump in to field of banking with different and wide ranges of the products. Yes bank is designed to fulfill the needs of corporate and institutional banking, financial markets, investment market, corporate finance and wealth management.

UTI Bank Ltd:

The addition of Yes bank in the private banks in India started on 1994. Today the bank has more than the 730 braches in all over the country.

The bank facilitates the customer with different types of products and services. They UTI ATM network is very wide and spread all over in the country. The bank offers versatile types of solution for corporate sectors like short term loans, export finance, bank guarantee and solvency certificates.

Private Banks in India doing their responsibility and job very well. These privates bank also increase the employment chances, increasing the investment, circulation of the money, helping the corporate and small medium enterprises needs of financial resources.