YES Bank

YES Bank is not the largest banks in India. However, as any experienced businessperson and individual would know, a smaller bank means more attention to the client’s needs.

This is why every client of this Bank is treaded in a special way, so they will never have to think about other banking services again.

It is innovative and visionary at the same time, being the only Greenfield licensed awarded bank in the last period.

It managed to become a “full service” bank, offering a variety of services to corporate and investment clients. Moreover, turnover of this bank is near about the one hundred Crores.


Corporate Banking addresses to large Indian and multinational companies. Additional to common banking services, the specialists from YES Bank could offer specialized financial advices and solutions to those clients. At this Bank, you won’t find fixed offers and rigid packages.

They are aware about the different needs of different clients, so they are offering packages specially designed for any corporation. Multiple technology channels are available, as well as the logistics and specialists to implement them.

Solutions and services:

As the best specialists from India can be found at YES Bank, they are also able to offer solutions and services in a professional way. Their branches are located in the strategically economical business centers, and they are expanding the network as we speak.

The concept of “One Bank Model’ is fully respected, as it cherish the client’s time. The excellent infrastructure and the advanced technologies will ensure you a fast and reliable relationship with your bank.

Multiple variants or savings and current accounts are available at this Bank, as well as other facilities for non-residents and private clients.


Some of most useful Loans services are:
• Loans for home
• Loans for retailing
• Loans for personal problems
• Loans for small business
• Loans for education

The Capital Markets are no secrets for the YES Bank India specialists, bringing you fabulous returns on your investments. Other advanced services such as Merging, Acquisitions and capital restructuring are available. You can always trust the Bank specialists, as they will help you to reach the desired result instantly.

The Capital Markets department is more than some people following graphics all day long. It knows that capital markets aren’t just about selling currencies at the best moment.

Property trading and balance sheet management are also important, as the specialists from YES Bank India can apply them to any given scenario. Either we are talking about saving your business from bankruptcy or bringing it to the Top 10 of your current niche, you can be sure that it has the perfect solution for you.