Indian Overseas Bank Credit Cards

Indian Overseas Bank credit cards can be easily accessed through Indian Overseas Bank that is known for being ISO certified Information

Technology department that was rendered successful that will greatly provide online banking to customers through an innovative way online.

Now again Indian Overseas Bank of India has now found another product that will greatly benefit the customers and this are in form of credit cards.  


Indian Overseas Bank credit cards
have the purpose of getting the out of the inconvenience of bringing in cash.

For this credit cards are a good way of purchasing products easily and can be used through online payments as well. These credit cards can also be used world wide and internationally among different establishments that accepts Visa. These cards that are made available are IOB Gold and IOB Classic.

The interest rate charged per annum would be 24% and the minimum card limit is Rs. 10,000 and the maximum credit limit is fixed at Rs. 5 lakhs.


Also the advantage of getting these Indian Overseas Bank credit cards India it is accepted on over 1 million establishments in India so users have no problem upon using it on purchasing off on some stores and establishments in India and over 130 lakhs stores worldwide or internationally.

So you don’t need to worry when you’re abroad is on vacation spree on other countries, let IOB credit cards be you travel partner and provide with best shopping experience ever in foreign countries. The card is usually valid for three years from the month of being issued.

You can withdraw cash on any ATM that is powered by Visa 24 hours a day anytime you need it IOB credit card will be able to provide it. Also cash that can be withdrawn through your credit card will have a cash advance interest of 24.00 % per annum. Also there are insurance benefits incorporated with both of the credit cards.

Some other benefits

For certain accidents and health issue there are certain insurance coverage amounting to Rs. 25 to 10 lakhs. Also when customers use IOB Indian Overseas Bank credit cards for purchasing certain products, customer is entitled to a purchase protection making sure that the card is riot free and fraud free so the customer won’t mind illegal issues with the credit cards.

Also customers are free to apply for add on cards that can be used by their loved ones associated still with their account credit card. Customers can also enjoy freebies, exclusives and certain discounts offered through the IOB credit cards and of course the joy of convenient cash anytime and anywhere.